Innovation Lounge

Innovations you can touch

Parallel to our daily schedule, we are offering our guests the opportunity to experience the innovations of tomorrow today in our Innovation Lounge.

In addition to creative gadgets and futuristic gimmicks, at Innovation Day our guests can also discover and test out technical innovations that will influence our lives in the future. In the lounge, the most innovative pioneers of our time will be presenting the latest developments and their application possibilities for the entire communications industry.

Delve into our future and prepare to be inspired!

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    In the coming years, 3D technologies in the fields of scanning, visualisation and printing will change the world in a revolutionary way. DOOB GROUP AG is one of the technology leaders for complete 3D solutions in this market segment and is presenting business use cases for the online and real-time use of real people as avatars in virtual spaces.

    Location: Foyer

  • Adobe

    The customer journey up close: Customers expect everything to happen in the same moment: in terms of speed and intelligence, the customer experience is demanding a lot of companies. But what if existing systems are unable to cope with the new real-time logic? Embark on your own journey and discover how the individual components of a successful customer journey interact with one another behind the scenes to guarantee success.

    Location: Digital Experience Hub

  • Interactive Wall

    A current trend in the field of live marketing are innovative tradeshow and event formats that shift the focus on interaction between people and technology. This installation shows that this is also possible beyond the technical possibilities of a VR or AR app. The media wall interacts directly with the visitor standing in front of it and also offers a communicative advantage due to its long-distance effect. Any guests standing nearby – unlike in a VR experience – can also take part in the interaction of the visitor standing in front of the wall.

    Location: Digital Experience Hub

  • Bio-Sensory Hacking

    Saint Elmo’s is bringing the holodeck to the House of Communication: take part in the experiment and experience bio-sensory hacking on your own body. Saint Elmo’s Berlin and Saint Elmo’s Travel will be showing you how it feels to deceive your own senses digitally and embark on a trip to the Black Forest, without ever leaving our event. Register for the tour right away, our holographic travel guides will welcome you in the Innovation Lounge!

    Location: Digital Experience Hub

  • Global Innovation Café

    Enjoy a cosy coffee in our lounge while taking a trip around the globe – yes, that’s possible in our Global Innovation Café! Experience a new technology with which you can discover campaigns from our international Serviceplan locations in a fun way.

    Your mobile phone battery has already died after all those photos you have been taking and status updates you have been posting about Innovation Day? No problem: charge it up at the Mediaplus Power Bar – and also give yourself a boost while you’re at it with a refreshing drink.

    Location: Global Innovation Café

  • Creating Future

    The successful future of your business starts now! Immerse yourself in the digital cosmos of the Plan.Net Innovation Studio. Find out how ideas are developed in design-thinking workshops and hackathons and brought to life in the form of prototypes. And how you can break new ground with new digital products and fast, customer-oriented solutions in the fields of mobile, extended realities and conversational interfaces. The Plan.Net Innovation Studio is an ideas developer, enabler and a space for collaboration. Take the next step!

    Location: Plan.Net Innovation Studio – building 43

  • QubID App

    “We are introducing a simple, yet entertaining way to find the perfect conversation partners and strike up a conversation with them. All without having exchanged a single word beforehand.”

    The mobile experts from Plan.Net Technology are taking event networking to a whole new technological level. In a fun way, the QubID app makes it easy to start efficiently networking via your own smartphone camera.

    Virtual profiles enhanced with personal interests and preferences, become visible via augmented reality features and, thanks to machine learning, make it easier to strike up interesting conversations or generate valuable business contacts.

    Download the QubID app (iOS)

    Location: Cafeteria – (Net)Working Space

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