Sigmar Gabriel

Europe’s path to a digital future

The USA and China are currently leading the way in the global technology race. But Europe is having a hard time finding a joint approach and therefore running the risk of being left behind by the rest of the world. Why is the EU’s plan of creating a European digital single market – as a basis for growth and innovation – making such slow progress? How can this discordant continent manage to take on the role of global innovation champion – shaping a digital future influenced by European values? These and other exciting questions will be answered by former German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel in his keynote speech.

Prof. Jürgen Schmidhuber

Carsten Knop

Artificial intelligence – problem or solution? A glimpse into the future

Is the demise of a Homo sapiens-dominated world in sight? Prof. Jürgen Schmidhuber is regarded as the ‘father of modern artificial intelligence’ and, with his teams, develops intelligent problem-solvers that run, for example, on billions of smartphones. He is predicting that the next step in the development of ultra-intelligent AI, the implementation of curiosity and creativity, will change our civilisation extremely rapidly and irrevocably. In a discussion with digital and business expert Carsten Knop, Prof. Jürgen Schmidhuber will be explaining whether AI will eventually end up taking over from humankind.

Julia Jäkel

Prof. Dr. Klaus Schweinsberg

Management in the digitalisation era

For a long time, publishing houses seemed to be the losers of digitalisation. Julia Jäkel, Chief Executive Officer at Gruner + Jahr, has faced the challenges of the digital era with confidence in her own strengths and the courage to take new paths. With economist and leadership expert Prof. Dr. Klaus Schweinsberg, the multi-award-winning publishing boss will be talking about how she manages the balancing act between disruption and tradition – and what leadership in times of digitalisation really comes down to.

Oliviero Toscani

Alex Schill

Creativity – the key skill of the future

If you want to make yourself heard among the deluge of advertising messages, brand communication has to be more imaginative than ever before. The development of a creative idea has therefore become the linchpin of successful communication. Photographer Oliviero Toscani achieved world renown with his provocative campaigns for Benetton. Whether Aids, diversity or war – he always references current social and political developments in his controversial work. In a creative talk, Oliviero Toscani and multi-award-winning Chief Creative Officer Alex Schill will be giving the audience insights into creative processes, from the inspiration to the finished campaign.

Tyler Brûlé

The evolution of Monocle

For more than a decade, Tyler Brûlé has been defining the stylish lifestyle for an international readership with his Monocle magazine. Over the last few years he has grown the traditional print brand into an international business with the addition of exclusive book editions, an internet radio station, conferences, shops and cafés. In his presentation, the media expert will be outlining the evolution of Monocle, describing the repercussions of Brexit on his brand empire, providing exciting insights into how customer loyalty works for global players and explaining why social media and store owners will never be friends.

Terry von Bibra

The e-commerce boom

The e-commerce industry is reporting one turnover record after another. China in particular is seeing an impressive development: the country is already responsible for 40 percent of the global e-commerce market. In the first quarter of 2018, the operator of the world’s largest online marketplace Alibaba reported a whopping turnover increase of 61 percent. Former Karstadt manager Terry von Bibra is set to pave the way for the Chinese company in Europe. What is the secret to success of the e-commerce company – and what are its plans for the European market? How can German retailers and brands profit from the global boom of the e-commerce industry – and what can they learn from Alibaba? Terry von Bibra will present his insightful answers.

Joko Winterscheidt

Talk of fame

Daft as a brush, cheeky, crazy and irresistibly likeable – these are the traits with which Joko Winterscheidt, as the host of comedy shows like Circus Halligalli and Joko und Klaas, has been making TV fun again for a younger audience. After two forays onto the silver screen, the Grimme Award winner is now discovering the advantages of the print industry. Why he is turning to print in times of digitalisation, why personalised magazines have become a megatrend and how he’s continuing to develop his profile as a personality brand with a men’s magazine: the successful media all-rounder will be sharing his views and future plans.

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